Bill Brigham and his company - The Lenders Consortium, LLC

Most Commercial Real Estate Investors and Business Owners know that grey hair and experience no longer exists in their local Banks!

Experience makes a difference.

“Bill Brigham and his company – The Lenders Consortium, LLC – is all about providing an alternative pathway for commercial real estate investors and business owners to pursue achievable quality financing.”

Bill Brigham

​​Under the umbrella of The Lenders Consortium – Borrowers benefit 3 ways from Bill’s experience and network of Lending Partners: 

  1. Seasoned guidance - on the optimal way to structure loan terms and select the appropriate Lending Partner – to minimize “surprises” at the outcome of the credit decision process – and save time.
  2. Effective pre-screen process – provides an early understanding as to the level of “achievability” of the financing request – and save time.
  3. Access to more than one financing opinion – “one size fits all” financing from your Bank rarely works for all Borrowers.